Mediator Multimedia CD Upgrade
  • Mediator Multimedia CD Upgrade

Mediator Multimedia CD Upgrade


Upgrade to ver. 2.x from any previous version of the Mediator Multimedia CD.


Upgrade to ver. 2.x from any previous version of the Mediator Multimedia CD.

The Mediator Multimedia CD has been prepared to provide you with the complete package of drivers to enable using PCI sound cards, TV tuner cards, 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet and graphic cards in Mediator PCI busboards.

- The minimum hardware configuration is: Amiga with a graphic card installed in the Mediator PCI busboard and a Sound Blaster PCI128 sound card or a TV tuner card. - The minimum turbo card is 68030 with 8MB RAM. - The AHI-standard drivers for music cards provide support for Sound Blaster 4.1 Digital and Sound Blaster PCI128 cards. - The sound card uses the PCI bus in the Mediator busboard as the busmaster performing DMA operations to/from the external memory. - With 8- and 16-bit mono and stereo playback and 16-bit stereo recording plus user-selectable sampling rates from 5kHz to 48kHz, the Sound Blaster PCI128 produces precise audio fidelity. - Two independent stereo DACs allow simultaneous playbacking of two stereo PCM channels. - Mixer: Every signal is processed and mixed with a 16-bit digital audio engine for high quality. All inputs can be mixed together. It is possible to record from all the inputs simultaneously. - Drivers for TV tuner cards provide support for tuner cards based on the the following Video Processors: FUSION 879A, FUSION 878A, Bt878A, Bt849A, Bt848A. - Near all TV Front End models produced byTemic, Philips, LG, Sharp and Microtune are supported. - TV screen is rendered in the graphic card screen in a user-scalable window (PIP). - The TV tuner card uses the PCI bus in the Mediator busboard as a busmaster performing DMA operations to the graphic card memory. - When full-screen TV image is generated, data transfer over the PCI bus between the TV tuner card and the graphic card is executed at 44MB/s. - The CD includes enhanced drivers for the Voodoo graphic card family which, for Mediator PCI 1200, allows using the memory window jumper set to 8MB independently of the Mediator PCI 1200 busboard series. - Drivers for 10/100Mbps cards supports Fast Ethernet cards based on the chipset compatible with RTL 8139 A/B/C/D.

Current list of the PCI cards supported by the Mediator Multimedia CD software is available in the Mediator Driver Guide.

The package contents:
- CD with the Mediator Multimedia Software

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